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Let's start a new adventure inside Maryland. Do you want to join a corporate transportation service? Party Bus Baltimore creates unforgettable experiences for your parties or romantic memories. Please, keep our limo buses in mind when you need to celebrate weddings, bachelor party, birthday party, corporate events, bachelor bachelorette or any other special occasion you have in mind! All of our ships will get you so close to bright skies and special festivities. We bring you dance poles, wine tours, mini bars, laser lights, comfortable seating, motor coaches, all the amenities you want, and, last but not least: an affordable price for luxurious memories in any location in Maryland! Plus, the magic starts when you get on our charter buses, party bus, Mercedes Benz bus, shuttle buses, limo services, or any of our transportation services. All you could imagine or have watched in crazy movies, you can make it real now! If you take the risk in the future, you may sell your story to a Hollywood screenwriter, and they will receive an Oscar for your entertaining tale using our party buses. Or you can keep your incredible memories having a great time in a photo album or a social media post.

Once you have decided to have fun in our party buses, we'll always be ready for your feedback about your fantastic experience in any part of MD area. Besides, we can assure your guests will feel in dream accommodations during a special day or a splendid night. A party bus will open its doors whenever adventure comes, even more, if we need to improve a value. During our job receiving comments and experiences, we have collected positive critics concluding our customers always look for a second shot while enjoying it for the first time. All these reviews make us believe we are working hard with encouraging results. In this order, and if you have shared a little moment with us, our party buses essex service can't wait to have you back to share your adventures using our professional service. All we have reached has been for your wellness, memories, smiles, and, from time to time to lose control. If you believe in our bus service, always remember there is a party bus waiting for you as often as you want.

Party Bus Baltimore brings luxury, safety, and magic to Essex, Maryland, or any place in this unique state. Don't worry if you want to celebrate outside of Baltimore or Essex MD, our party bus rentals cover and connect all Maryland. We can offer the best party bus rentals for your bachelor party, wedding, or other event in Essex, Glen Burnie, Ellicott City, Middle River, Silver Spring, and beyond. We invite you to choose the perfect getaway with your family and friends in Maryland. You'll love having great times celebrating your special occasions with us!

Our Essex Party Buses and Limo Bus Selection

essex party bus dance floor

Limousine Bus

25 Passengers

essex party bus rental

Spacious Party Bus

30 Passengers

40 passengers party bus rental

Luxury Party Bus

40 Passengers

The best party bus rental services under the Maryland skies

We already know that Maryland is the perfect place to use a party bus service. The reason is simple: it has many corners to say hi to the love of your life or to have some fun with friends and family at a concert or trade shows. Our party bus rental service will let you celebrate special occasions with large groups, such as birthday parties, bachelorette parties or any cultural event. Also, we can be your airport transportation if you just have arrived in the city or if you want an atypical escapade! A designated driver will take care of your trip or your next event with your big group. We assure you that your party bus will take your celebration to a higher level around great company. We are not just tour buses, for us being one of the most luxurious party bus rentals company is an honor and a great pride to share with you. You can make sure about our outstanding reputation around the state!

The best party buses and limo service for weddings, birthday parties, bachelorette parties, and more

wedding limo services

Weddings and bachelor or bachelorette party

Having our party buses at your wedding will be an honor and a pleasure for us! Even more, if there's going to be a church group sharing this moment with you. Our wedding limo service has been chosen as the ideal way to get married in MD.

party bus essex concerts


If you are a singer, drummer, guitarist, bassist, or music lover, let us tell you something incredible: Each party bus has the perfect cd player to rehearse your favorite artist before a concert in the city or any part of Maryland. Nothing has been funnier than music, bar hopping and a passenger party while on the road!

sporting events charter bus rental

Sporting Events

Also, we have a spot for sports players or fans who want to spend their energy screaming a home run. One of our passenger party bus can take you closer to your favorite team! Let's be honest, we are ready for the successive league or sporting event with Baltimore Ravens or Baltimore Orioles, and you won't have a reason to miss it.

Party started mission and let your dreams come true!

Imagine you live in Essex, Maryland. And, you want to know places like Glen Burnie, Ellicott City, or Brooklyn Park with your whole family, but all your vehicles are small, and your home is so far from a train station. Then, finally, you find a 40 passengers sprinter bus, gorgeous as a Hummer limo and luxurious as a Cadillac Escalade. Perhaps you believe it is expensive and something impossible to get. But you have a hunch, a feeling telling you that you are closer to that unbelievable limo service. This time we recommend following your heart and not your mind. Would you waste a party bus Essex service to make your dream come true? We're pretty sure you are bright and will choose the limo services you just met. You and your family members will be stunned by the group transportation attention you will receive. So, if you feel excited and ready for your next journey, don't hesitate to call us today! (Or any time you decide to make a simple stop shop or an extraordinary road).

Call us today to book your party bus rental, charter bus rental, or limo services today!

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