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Our Annapolis, Maryland party bus service is available to your 24 hours per day. Not looking for party buses? We also offer the best limousine service, charter bus service, and other transportation services. We service all over Maryland, from Annapolis to Baltimore to Glen Burnie and beyond. Call us today to see what we can do for you!

Annapolis, MD party buses and limousines

Today travel in time is possible when visiting Annapolis, you and your groups can be spectators of this timeless city! Party Bus Annapolis is a great option for party bus rentals. You save money making your special event in a limo bus or a mini bus. The most important thing is that we have many options for you to booking and celebrate a luxurious party with your friends!

Find your party bus in Annapolis

mini bus/limo bus rental

Limousine Bus

25 Passengers

limo bus interior

Spacious Party Bus

30 Passengers

annapolis md party bus interior

Luxury Party Bus

40 Passengers

Party Bus Rentals in Annapolis in just one click

We know that if you are still here is because you love water, history, art, a tasty beer or any type of drinks... All of these features with a renting nice price! The secret is you are waiting for a fabulous seat, a fun trip, a magical town, living this journey inside a majestic limo.

Our mini buses are perfect when you want to ride on a warm night with your loved ones. An additional point, the service you will receive using a limo bus will be a fancy style, with cozy seats, a bright navy, and exquisite food. Give it a shot, you will experience an excellent transportation service and a blast of emotions!

Party bus rentals haven't been easier to get in any other cities in Maryland. As impressive as traveling in time, you will receive our limo bus rental services in seconds without additional fees, a flexible schedule, even if it is a far destination!

We know how vital our passengers are and the nervous you can feel when access to rent transportation companies. Be sure every professional driver will carry your celebration on with the details you are planning. Our commitment as a transportation company is to take care of all of our passengers. We assure you we work with a shining fleet.

Limo service for any special event

annapolis md wedding limo rental


Annapolis party bus rental gives you the perfect opportunity to celebrate love in a limo bus in Annapolis. We bring great packages and luxury with an accessible budget to your wedding. Let's get on board in our vehicles!

concert limo bus


It is not a secret that most people desire to arrive at a concert on a bus in Annapolis. Enjoy this experience is getting popular in any MD area. If one day you choose our fun transportation service to enjoy music, our job will be give you fantastic seating and an incredible video and sound experience. We are ready to ensure all the amenities for each customer. You will rock it using our party bus rental services!

sport bus rentals in annapolis

Sporting Events

We invite you to rent and make a reservation for a party bus when you decide to attend your favorite sports game. No matter the match day or the location. Using our amenities, you won't regret it!

We're excited to bring you the best party bus prices for all party bus and limo service in Annapolis, MD!

For us is a pleasure and gratuity to receive your enjoyment. We hope to ensure all of your needs and requirements. Please, keep in mind that you are just one click to make your dreams come true. Once you have taken our limo bus rental, any of your parties will be the same!

Do you want to take our transport services but haven't decided your destiny yet? To begin giving you some tips, answers, and secrets about Annapolis MD, the nickname "Old Line State" started when military troops served bravely to General George Washington during the Independence War. Also, Annapolis is called the "Free State." This can be an argument if you want to escape to a museum and learn more about Maryland's history, or if you are thinking to celebrate a birthday theme party.

Regarding the weather, Annapolis can be wet in summer and winter. One time per year is hurricane season, mostly during fall. However, it cannot be a reason to discount the party bus idea in Annapolis, our vehicles are safely equipped! One of the most significant characteristic of this state is the immense expansion of nature, with around 40% of the forest, giant caverns, parks, and unforgettable mountains.

Annapolis MD is a fantastic destination and a city. Rent a party bus here is an offer you cannot miss out!

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